President's Flag (adopted 1963)


President's Flag (adopted 1963)

"For God And
My Country"
Red symbolizes the sisterhood and
brotherhood of all persons.
Black represents the African people.
Yellow stands for sunshine.
Effective date 9 October 1962.
(Image Helicon)
Isaiah 55


Uganda's Group of Seven (G7)


1. "We have recognised the need for co-operation in our
search for genuine multiparty democracy in the country and
agreed that that co-operation should be enhanced and

2. "It is part of a series of strategic meetings
we shall hold countrywide to dislodge the dictatorship."

Uganda's Group of Seven (G7)
Main Opposition Groups Moulding
Genuine Multiparty Democracy
(- Monitor, February 12, 2004)
The Uganda G7
Leadership is

PS - Meet The Previous and Current Leaders of Uganda.

The New & Old Parties - KY: Kabaka Yekka ("the King Alone"); 2. UPC: Uganda People's Congress;
3. NRMO: National Resistance Movement Organization; 4. DP: Democratic Party; 5. RA: Reform Agenda
6. CP: Conservative Party 7. NDF: National Democrats Forum; 8.YF: Youth Forum 9. AP: Action Party;
10. RWY: Republican Women & Youth Party; 11. MDC: Movt. for Democratic Change; 12. JEEMA
(YJF): Young Justice Forum 13. PIP: People's Independent Party; 14.NPP: National Peasants' Party
15. PAFO: Parliamentary Advocacy Forum; 16. FMP: Free Movement Party   17. PRALP:
Popular Resistance Against Life Presidency (PRALP); 18. NPM: National Progressive Movt.
Party Listing continues.


- *Joshua 5:13+ and Joshua 6*
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